Caring for the Society & Environment is central to the ideology of Supack and efforts, both at the manufacturing level or community intervention level are made to ensure that the ideology is translated into reality. Apart from using corrugated material which has the best recycling rate of any packaging materials, Supack operates various philanthropic activities to fulfil their social responsibilities. The company works to go beyond the statutory need and have made this effort a part of their corporate culture.

About CSR Policy


  • To continually improve company’s reputation as a leading supplier of Corrugated Boxes.
  • As a responsible business the company recognises that total customer confidence can only be achieved by delivering the best possible service – every time.
  • We are fully committed to improving the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the local communities within our region.


The objectives of this policy are:

  • To set forth the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy as stipulated in the Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules thereof
  • To identify and formulate the broad areas the company shall pursue towards fulfilling its CSR obligations
  • To serve as a guiding document to plan, identify, implement and monitor CSR initiatives

Thrust areas of CSR

The company will adopt a structured approach to manage its CSR obligations. The company’s CSR will be aligned to Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013 with a major focus on “Education and Skill up-gradation” programs.

Project Umang

Umang– means Happiness in literal terms. Happiness is central to healthy development of a child. For this to happen a child needs positive environment. Project Umang aims at multi-fold development aspect of the children which includes academic intervention, creative intervention, environment intervention and a social and cultural intervention which forms the basis of a healthy child. Project Umang provides strategic intervention at the school level to achieve the above goal.

Project Umang took 1500 students from the group of 1st – 8th standard under its wing, congregated from five Government Municipal Schools from Rajkot, namely Haripar Primary School, Sardar Patel School Primary School, Shree Vad Vajdi Primary School, Khirasara Primary School and Rataiya Primary School.. We apply methods of activity based learning, filled with creative and competitive activities which helps the students understand concepts more easily. The focus is to develop the critical social and cognitive skills through learning with fun. To spread the awareness on Environment and farming Project Kitchen Garden was conceptualised by Supack and implemented by students. Annual Social Science fun fairs are organised where students from all the five schools put up their stalls, aiming to hone entrepreneurial and management skills. Through our Teachers Training Programs school teachers are given exposure to new teaching aids and material too.

Some of the other notable initiatives by Supack are Tree Plantation Drive, Meditation Shibirs, Health and Hygiene Workshops, School Beautification through reuse of Tyres, Project Kitchen Garden and Employees Volunteering Teaching Programs.

The success of the program is seen in the sheer joy of each child willing to go to school every day. We appreciate and acknowledge that all our stakeholders- Students, Parents, Teachers, Principals, our Umang Educators and ARCH team have played an important role towards this ongoing endeavour.

Project Umang