Boxes for Home Appliance and Consumer Durable:

Whether you are shipping furniture or appliances, we can design and develop packaging that meets your product specifications and distribution needs. Our unique structural designs, and high-quality containerboard combine to yield tough, hard-working corrugated containers and our ability to provide four-color printing makes us ideally equipped to meet all your bulk packaging needs.

Packaged Food

This Industry is highly demanding in terms of variety of items and fast delivery, we at Supack, have a very adaptive infrastructure with proper technology and logistics to serve this industry.


Boxes for FMCG requires sturdy and good printed boxes with bar code / QR codes. Most of the FMCG boxes now are packed using most modern technique like case erectors and robotic filling and sealing. We have all the right equipment’s to manufacture boxes that can adopt to the strict quality and modern packing and feeling systems.


Boxes for Textile requires good compression strength and puncture resistance, this boxes are strongly made and capable of withstanding rough handling. We choose the right quality of raw material and workman ship to produce the perfect packaging for the textile industry


The boxes required for the chemical industry has to be made with the finest paper quality with perfect workmanship. Not only these boxes carry hazardous material but are also very expensive in nature. We have all the capabilities from incoming Raw material testing to the finished box testing. With the advanced manufacturing facility, we produce this boxes error free. We can supply boxes which are UN certified as suitable for packing hazardous materials or dangerous goods, as an alternative to drums. These boxes are much more heavy-duty than a standard corrugated box and have had to pass the test from the approved laboratory, to achieve the UN certification.